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It's almost baseball season! Which is weird, because it's currently so cold over here I'm wearing my fingerless gloves as I type, because my hands are going numb and also I refuse to turn the heat up out of some backwards sort of protest (it was 70 degrees two days ago! It will be 60 degrees in two days! WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY). ( Not protest of the cold, because it's January and it should be cold, darn it.  This weirdly warm winter makes me very cranky.)

But the pitchers and catchers (catchers are my favorite!) report to training on February 11th, so it's like a birthday present! :D :D

And it's a bit odd that I'm so excited, because I'm not a real "Rah Rah!" baseball fan? I don't know a lot of players on sight, or follow the season very closely, or get all that excited about games --- mostly, probably, because my team just. . . doesn't go anywhere. Sorry, Royals, you're my boys, but you ARE basically a farm team. :/ No use getting attached when other, better paying teams take all our good players away (damn you Yankees).

BUT.  I ♥ baseball.  My very favorite sports stories, and a lot of my favorite story stories, are baseball stories, whether they're fictional or not.  Baseball just makes good stories. 

It makes me happy knowing people are playing baseball. 

In not-baseball things, I have decided, roughly, on what sort of tattoo I want to get.  I probably will not actually get it on my birthday as I planned, because I don't think I'll have the money, but SOMETIME THIS YEAR I will get a tattoo, and I know what I want and why I want it.  It's not the MCR sheet music tattoo I was thinking of (although I will totally get that one too, at some point), and it won't be around my leg like I was thinking of (although the MCR one might be, later)  -- it is instead infinitely nerdier and will probably go between my shoulder blades.  I still need to sketch it out and make sure I'll like the way it looks, but I think I will.  \o/  Also, I'll need to find a good local tattoo parlor -- I know a few guys, but I don't think I actually like their work that much?  Our styles don't really mesh.  Anybody have any Kansas City recommendations?

In not-baseball and not-tattoo things, I signed up for Wave One of the BBB -- THIS TIME I will finish my darn story, because THIS TIME I will not wait three months before starting it.  :D  Probably.  I'm bad at this sort of thing.

And [personal profile] pentapus  made a lovely icon of Moon and Chime from the Books of the Raksura!  Using a prompt I gave her!  :D :D  I will use it A LOT, because it's cool.  Lookie.

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