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 So I missed the deadline for Yuletide sign ups by a few hours  last week -- I didn't join in last year, but I wanted to this year, because I haven't written anything in a while and feel like I need to stretch those muscles, you know?

So, instead, I think I might do Nanowrimo?  At least, unofficially.  
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 Headed out camping in about an hour!

 Please, world, do not implode, explode, fall into a dystopian hellhole, or otherwise expire anytime in the next week.  

If you finally get your shit together enough to throw half our government in jail, wait until we're back -- I want to see that perp walk.
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 So, sometime in the next few years -- lets say three years from now -- Chad and I want to vacation in Japan.  

Neither of us have ever left the country, which means we're taking the time to do some research (and save some money).  Also to learn at least some serviceable Japanese -- I've picked up some phrases from years of watching anime, but that's not really going to cut it for actual useful conversation.

Now, I know at least a few of you fine folks have traveled there (some of you have lived there!  I'm super jealous, btw) -- can I ask you for some tips?  

Just things to look into (phone use, what to definitely pack, what to definitely NOT pack, what do we do if Chad has an asthma attack and for some reason we don't have his inhaler?  What phrases should I add to my vocabulary?).  

Help me, f-list, you're my (best) hope!
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 While I'm pretty sure most everyone I hung out with on LJ is also over here on DW, and so this won't actually be a great big deal, I suppose it's time:  the new, pretty sketchy, user agreement LJ is insisting on is shoving me away from that platform, probably for good.  

I hope I can find at least some of the fic hosted there (not my own, that's all backed up in multiple places, but the ones hosted on old LJ-centric exchanges and such).  sometimes I get nostalgic.  :(
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 It's my birthday, so i took a break from the terrible shitshow that is my country in general, and took a stroll along the waterfront in Seattle with my husband.  We've lived near the city for a year now, and this is the first time we've really gone down to explore -- don't worry, we'll be doing it again soon.

We hit up the Five Point Cafe for lunch -- fantastic Cuban sandwich, and really amazing fried cheese curds (tried them with honey for the first time -- so so good) in a tiny punk ass bar with rainbow stickers on the windows and an anti-Trump protest sign leaning against the restroom wall.  I loved it.

Then we wandered over to Pike's Place Market (super crowded) and to the waterfront, where we went up in the Great Wheel -- the sky was wonderfully dramatic.  

Seattle is a good city.  I had a good time.

pictures )
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 Happy Holidays, y'all, and Merry Xmas!

I've had a lovely time with Husband, opening silly gifts (I got a Pokemon Go coloring book that's actually awesome! and LOTS of candy) and thoughtful gifts (he got me the easle I've been needing, and some headphones I've REALLY been needing) and lovely gifts (matching music note necklaces because we're dorks, and a beautiful hat from[personal profile] turlough  -- such neat, tiny stitches!  Impressive)

We borrowed an Icelandic tradition and exchanged books to read last night -- I gave him Guards! Guards! because he needs to read some Pratchett, and he gave me Crichton's Timeline, which I'm loving so far!  It's a good tradition, I think we'll keep it.  :D

I hope your holidays are warm and happy.  I hope your year ends on a high note, and your 2017 starts strong.  <3 <3 <3 <3
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 Feel like throwing myself into the holidays this year.  Who wants a holiday card? Just give me your address (comments are screened)
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 I am so incredibly upset.  How could we let this happen?  How many people's lives will be ruined before we can set it right?
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 I  . . . didn't sign up for Yuletide this year.  It's the first time in a long while -- I haven't been really happy with the last couple of fics I wrote, (and last year I got no response of any kind from the recipient, which is . . . disconcerting.  Feels a bit like limbo) -- so it felt like a good year to just . . . not.  I might yet do some pinch-hitting, since I'm still on that email list.  Maybe this year I'll concentrate more on reading fic and discovering cool tiny fandoms.

I am, instead, considering doing some novel writing -- not, perhaps, NANOWRIMO as such, but using the time to really whip an idea into something workable.   It feels like time to get back into writing.
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 It was my 1st anniversary yesterday.  Chad had to work, but i had the day off -- so I got dinner started, and picked up some cheap champagne (we were having a no-alchohol August, but hey, it's our anniversary!).  Then, just for fun, I dressed up a bit and put on some makeup -- I rarely wear it, but I wanted to feel pretty, you know?

Chad brought home some steak to finish off the dinner, and we had a lovely little anniversary.  <3  We danced -- or rather, we jumped around the apartment to disco music laughing like idiots because neither of us have any rhythm.  :D  

And then we drank champagne out on the deck, and held eachother tight and were in love.    And that's enough, really.  <3
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So the Cascade Loop is a road trip that takes about 9 hours of driving time and fills it with 4 or 5 days worth of stuff to do and things to see. It gives a traveler a broad overview of the climate and surroundings of Washington, and is generally pretty awesome. Chad and I are thinking of making it an annual thing -- there's enough stuff to do that we can pick one or two "destinations" on the Loop and spend the rest of the time camping and enjoying the scenery. :D

We took the Loop clockwise, basically, starting with the ferry to Whidbey Island and then mostly following HWY 20 around. We stopped and camped the first night in Newhalem, in the North Cascades National Park, which was chilly and mountainous and covered in pine trees. Then we drove through the touristy old west town of Winthrop to an AirBnB in Wenatchee, which is in the part of Washington full of scrubby desert and heat and vineyards and orchards. The third day we backtracked to take a swim in Lake Chelan, which is, no lie, the most beautiful water I've ever seen -- the lake was so clear, and so blue, it looked tropical even though it was JUST the right side of too cold. (this was very welcome, because our van doesn't have working A/C, and that side of Washington, like I said before, is HOT). There were ducks swimming around with us, Mallards I think, bobbing along and staying just out of reach of the kids in the water. Then we went through some more rocky mountains and over some impressive curves before camping for the night at Moneycreek, in the Mt. Baker-Snowqualmie National Forest. It's an old growth forest, full of massive Red Cedars and hoary, moss covered Fir. Really impressive, we'll definitely be back -- I didn't get many good pictures there, because the light was too low for my slow old workhorse camera. Next year, maybe. The fourth day we did a bit more sightseeing and touristy stuff, and then we came home!

Here are some of the best pictures:

lots of pictures )
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 I am back from a weekend road trip  -- the Cascade Loop is gorgeous, y'all.  :D  

I will not be reading up on the backlog on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, etc etc etc.  Presumably the world didn't actually implode without me watching for the last four days or so.

I will put up pictures, once I tweak the results of some exposure/color issues my old camera seems to be having.  I had so much fun!  I want to show you things!  <3
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 These are great.  I think I know a few people who might appreciate them.  :D

The bi-monthly 2 am “Running of the Cats.”
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 A chilly, breezy, pale grey sort of day -- the sort of day where the colors in the flowers and trees (and there are so many flowers here, so many trees.  So many . . . flowering trees . . .) seem to seep into your eyes.  Portrait light, my old teacher used to call it.  Diffuse and beautiful.  We went down to Mukilteo Landing for some clam chowder and fish and chips, and walked along the beach again, to see it when it's not bright and sunny.  

The tide was coming in.  The waves were loud, the water choppy.  There were crab shells washed up on the rocks, and mussels, dark and shining in the sand.




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 Devin Townsend's got some cool stuff out there, and this collaboration with Che Aimee Dorval is fantastic.  I would play this going through hyperspace on my way to the 15th station on my route . . . 

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I still haven't really had time to sit down and load some pictures (or to take a whole lot, actually) but I did get a few!

Most of the differences I've felt come from, I think, the flora - there are various kinds of evergreens EVERYWHERE. And moss. Lots and lots of moss. I love it -- everything looks so green. Also, I've only seen a handful of pigeons, and a couple of chickadees. Mostly, there are crows, and three or four different kinds of seagulls. (Chad is not fond of birds -- they kind of freak him out -- but I LOVE them. And I really like the sound sea gulls make.) ALSO I can see mountains! Not from my apartment, and not on cloudy days, of which there are many. But they're there! It's all still very novel and amazing. :D

The other day (last week? sometime a bit ago) we went to Mukilteo for some fish and chips. It's gorgeous! And nearby! I want to go back all the time. :D Basically, that's where the ferry to Whidbey Island is. Very coastal, very . . . fishing town-esque. This day, it was super foggy, and the ferries (coming and going) were blowing their horns at each other. I love the sound of fog horns.

There were a bunch of crows and seagulls and gannets? Maybe gannets. Some sort of black, long necked water birds . . .

Also, the fish was SO GOOD. SO good.
photo dump ) Anyway, photo dump over for now.  At some point I'll load up some that are filtered and cleaned up a bit, because this place is really very lovely, and deserves to be shown off a bit.  But for now, these unedited (dirty lensed) shots are what I've got!


I'm mostly off work on Fridays and Saturdays -- and I think i could get at least some time off during the rest of the week with some advanced notice.  So if you want to meet up any day that's not a Friday/Saturday let me know as soon as you can!  :D

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 So, y'all should know, I'm happily ensconced in Everett, WA, slowly making this apartment my home with my husband.  :D  It's going quite well so far!

I'll be throwing up some pictures once i have time to take some -- due to scheduling issues due to moving in halfway through a pay cycle, I'm currently in the middle of a 9 day work week -- but until then, just know that I'm alive!  And any and all of you are welcome to crash on our couch should you find yourself in Everett.  

<3 <3 <3
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 I got a lovely card today!  Thank you, [personal profile] sylvaine !

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