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 I am thinking of learning to make soap, and candles, both for fun and for a little supplemental income.  Nothing elaborate, just selling to friends and family, maybe on Etsy?  Or some other crafty website.  You know, if I don't set fire to my kitchen or whatever.  

I'm looking at tips and guides, and checking out books and such.  Getting ideas and making plans.  I'm pretty excited -- even the planning is fun.  To start with, I probably will just do the melt-and-pour sort of soap -- buying ready made bases and adding my own scents and additives.  I don't have the set up to deal with lye, or with curing the soap for weeks at a time (there's no way I could keep the cats away from it).  So I'll have to pay attention to the ingredients when I order the bases, since I won't be controlling all of that myself.  I'll probably make some sort of stamp to carve with a logo I design (that'll be really fun!), and I'm already thinking about packaging options.  

For candles, I'll probably keep it pretty simple -- they seem easier than soaps on average, and I'll probably use a bunch myself.  I love candles.  

Of course,  I won't be able to start until I get an actual paycheck, which won't be for . . . two weeks? At least?  So that I can buy supplies.

But I'd thought I'd ask -- what sort of scents do you like?  What kind of shapes? 

Personally, I like citrusy scents, or wintery ones (like cinnamon apple and pumpkin spice) for candles, and things like peach and vanilla for soap.  I like pillar candles, and spheres, as well as the sort that come in a simple glass jar.  I like rounded rectangles for soap, ovals and such, shapes that fit well in your hand.  

What do you like?  And would you like some?  Once I get a chance to actually make things, I'll probably give a bunch away while I'm learning the ropes.

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