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Went to see the Architects with the lovely ciel_vert last night -- really great show.  That's some BIG sound from a small stage, and the Record Bar is indeed a small stage.  pictures of awesome band here )

I kept trying to get good shots of the drummer, but it just wasn't happening.  :(  I will definitely be seeing them again, next chance I get!

And then I made the mistake of saying, out loud where the universe could hear me, that I was worried about waking up in time for work -- we were standing pretty close to those speakers, and my ears were ringing so hard that hearing my alarm was a genuine concern.

No need to worry though!  at 5:20 am the fire alarms went off.  Loudest sound in the world that early in the morning.  I thought it was a false alarm, as usual, so I threw on some pajama pants and flip flops and made my way out -- leaving the cats alone, because stuffing four reluctant felines into two carriers and a duffel bag is not something I am all that capable off half-awake.  And besides, it's a false alarm, right?

Or not. 
Hey, do you smell smoke? )

Apparently, the roof of my building was burning.  The firemen couldn't reach it, because it's an eight story building and their ladder only goes up seven, the roof door was locked, and the ceiling is concrete so they couldn't knock a hole in it. 

But they got the building manager there eventually and they kept the fire contained to the roof.   They let us back in two hours later, much of which I spent fretting about my cats and complaining on twitter.

Not a lot of damage, ultimately, other than the roof, and the water damage on the top couple of floors.  Some of the sprinklers went off on my floor, leaving the hallways smelling of stagnant sprinkler water.  Yech.  But my apartment is untouched and my cats are fine, so I'll chalk it up to an adventure, yeah?  Next time, lets skip that part, universe.  Just let me oversleep.

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