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 So, sometime in the next few years -- lets say three years from now -- Chad and I want to vacation in Japan.  

Neither of us have ever left the country, which means we're taking the time to do some research (and save some money).  Also to learn at least some serviceable Japanese -- I've picked up some phrases from years of watching anime, but that's not really going to cut it for actual useful conversation.

Now, I know at least a few of you fine folks have traveled there (some of you have lived there!  I'm super jealous, btw) -- can I ask you for some tips?  

Just things to look into (phone use, what to definitely pack, what to definitely NOT pack, what do we do if Chad has an asthma attack and for some reason we don't have his inhaler?  What phrases should I add to my vocabulary?).  

Help me, f-list, you're my (best) hope!
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So,[personal profile] turlough guessed the story that I wrote for [community profile] no_tags this time around, and so I promised her a timestamp of her choosing, from any fic I'd written.

This then, is[personal profile] turlough 's ficlet -- set after Drums and Monsters but before the next story in the Hunt 'verse, still in progress.

For there is nothing lost, that may be found if sought. -- Edmund Spencer, The Faerie Queene )
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So, bandom types.  I find myself teetering between two possibilities in this story, and thought I'd ask before I picked one.

Pete Wentz --> Raven King?  Or Goblin King?   I'm leaning towards Raven King myself, but it's possible that I just like the idea of feathers.

EDIT:  Not really the Labyrinth sort of Goblin King, really.  Though a little bit of Bowie wouldn't hurt.

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