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I just realized that I hadn't actually written this letter until now (Nov 17, oops).  So sorry, Writer!  I hope it wasn't too much of an inconvenience. . .

I put the broad strokes in my sign up form -- so if you've already started, you should be good to go.  But if you want a bit more to go on, here are some things I particularly like about my requested fandoms:

H2 (manga) is as simple as a summer day, but it's profoundly moving, all the same.  If you choose to write for this fandom (which you can read online here if you'd like) I'd love to read something that captures the feeling there -- the summer heat, the young love, the friendship, the rivalry.  The ambition and the heartbreak.  I honestly would enjoy a look at a baseball game, or a date, or a fight between friends, grown up protagonists or a slice taken between the chapters of the manga itself -- go nuts.  

To the Hilt by Dick Francis is a great read -- if you're not familiar with Francis' books I recommend them.  His protagonists are really the most sensible, clear headed group of people I get to read about, and I find that very refreshing.  In this book, Alexander Kinloch adds to that a bit of deeply felt artistic solitude, and a bit of old fashioned family loyalty.  I really enjoyed the friendship that built between him and the PI Chris Young, and I feel like there is quite a lot of opportunity there for further development, either in a romantic sense or one of camaraderie.  Or both.  

The Tower at Stony Wood by Patricia A McKillip is one of my favorite books.  I've requested fic for it before with no luck, so I'll just quote myself here:
quote from previous Yuletide letter )

It all still stands really.  :D  

Most importantly, please have fun writing for any one of these tiny little fandoms.  I do appreciate the fact that you chose to do so, and I look forward to reading your gift!

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I'm almost halfway through the shrug I'm knitting for my mom -- its a good mindless project to work on while watching a show or listening to a podcast on my lunch break, basically endless stockinette stitch until I get to the ribbing at the end. -- and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need another 3 skeins of yarn to finish it.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the pattern I looked at for inspiration called for bulky, not worsted weight . . . Luckily, the yarn I've started with is not expensive and is apparently still available so I should be able to get more, as soon as I get paid.   

That's usually what I do with patterns, so far.  I find an interesting idea, or a cool looking stitch, and then I try to use them -- sometimes with various modifications, and with whatever yarn I have on hand, whatever needles I have that I think will work.     Which is often fine!  Many patterns are very forgiving.  But the hat I made turned out kind of on the small side, because I didn't account for differences in needle size, and this shrug is going to take quite a bit more yarn than I figured on . . . I should probably take the suggested materials more seriously.

I accepted an invitation for the Ello beta -- as far as I can tell it's a mix of twitter and tumblr, promising no ads.  I have no idea if I'll actually use the platform -- I'm already on tumblr, instagram, and twitter, as well as LJ, DW, and facebook.  And AO3.  It might go the way of my Google+ account, and languish untouched almost all of the time, with occasional visits to check people's photo albums.  Or maybe I'll focus it, and use the Ello account for a sort of knitting blog, or a place to talk about video games. . .   Anyway, if anybody else is trying out Ello, look me up.  I'm phauxks on there (which is also who I am on Steam, if any of you are PC gamers).

I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Origins -- I can't afford the new DA game yet, but it looks AWESOME.  So to distract myself I'm going to play the first two games.  I never actually finished either of them, so this is a great opportunity to get back in.  My Boy, on the other hand, went ahead and bought the new game, and I have to stop myself from just staring over his shoulder as he plays.  DA: Inquisition is SO PRETTY.  I want it!

Before that though, I should double check the Yuletide deadline.   I haven't gotten beyond vague brainstorming yet.  It's probably time to kick that up a notch . . .

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Looks like assignments have gone out, so it's past time to actually write this!

Yuletide Writer, let me start with this :

THANK YOU!  I always enjoy Yuletide, and a large part of that is knowing that you're out there, writing a story for something I love.   So thank you SO MUCH for that, and know that I'll love whatever you write.

I have broad and varied taste, so don't worry too much about writing a particular kind of story.  Write something you can enjoy, and I'll appreciate it.  

That said, I would prefer not to get a story containing non canon pregnancy, and while domestic fluff can be soothing, I'm usually looking for something a little more exciting.

For any of these requests, please know that while I requested certain characters, if you find yourself drawn to another -- go for it.  I have my favorites, obviously, but if you feel you can write a better story with somebody else, I really won't mind.  These fandoms have such wide and interesting casts!

The Tower at Stony Wood by Patricia A McKillip

I adore this book.  I love McKillip, in general, but I've reread this book in particular often enough that I fear for the binding.  There's something about the weight of history in it, heavy with magic and wrapped in such ephemeral beauty . . . Really, anything you write that can explore some of that, even a taste of it, will be treasured.  

I have requested this book before, though I've never gotten a fic for it.  I keep finding myself drawn to this particular passage:

 He could not move.  More than an absence of light held him still.  There were voices just beyond his hearing, words of immense and complex power and meaning.  There were visions beyond the black: colors that had never existed before, places reached by endless, intricate paths, so beautiful he could search for them in one lifetime, then linger in them for another.  There were promises of unimaginable rewards for impossible dangers overcome, for precious things found, for those in dire distress and mortal need rescued and made safe.  They pulled at him with a hundred whispering voices, a hundred gentle touches.  Come, Cyan Dag.  Go there.  Do this.  Learn that.  Take this path, find, fight, save, kill, kneel, swear, love.  If he could only free himself and turn, he would serve the perfect king, do the impossible deed, achieve his heart's desire, transform his world.
      "Come back."
      The voices sounded very far away.  He heard his breath suddenly, quick and sharp, as if he had been running.  He had pushed his free hand hard against a post stone, using all his strength as leverage against the hand pulling him back into the light of day.  He wrenched at it; it tugged as fiercely at him.  Somehow, despite his formidable strength and longing, he was jerked across the threshold into light.  He stumbled, caught his balance and his breath, his face slick with sweat or tears.  He stared bewilderedly at the woman who had forced him back into the world.  Behind him, his sword dropped to the earth with a clang.

What would happen if Cyan Dag wasn't drawn back into the world?  What would happen if he was, but then, after the adventure, he came back to this tower?  Would anyone keep him grounded this time?  Would someone go after him?  What would he find?  There are so many possibilities!

I am hoping, most, for some Cyan Dag/ Thayne Ysse interaction -- i loved their chemistry.  But like I said, all of the characters in this book are interesting so find someone whose voice you like!  I know I didn't request Cria Greenwood this time, but I'd hate to see her fridged -- perhaps they were together, but Cyan Dag couldn't readjust to life in the courts?  Perhaps Cria's father managed to marry her off while he was gone.  Perhaps, to avoid a loveless marriage, she went on a journey of her own and made her way to the Bard's in McKillip's other book, the Song For the Basilisk?  Or maybe she's right there with him, and Thayne Ysse goes to rescue them both? 

Genfic is okay with me (I often prefer it!), but like I said, chemistry . . . and while all the characters are great, I can really only see Cyan Dag paired up with either Thayne Ysse or Cria Greenwood (or both.  Threesomes are fine!)

Melanthos and Sel have such a powerful presence in this story, as well -- the same scenario (or one entirely different!) from their viewpoint would be fascinating too.  

But the adventure is the most important thing!  Adventure, and magic.  <3

The Adventures of Pete & Pete

I once received a great post-apocalyptic brothers story for this show, and it was brilliant.  But I think this year I'd want a different sort of story, something more grounded in the existing world of Wellsville and the Wrigley's home.  This town is weird and wonderful, and the way Pete and Pete interact with it and with each other is a large part of the appeal of this show. 

I'm really fond of both brothers -- Little Pete's headlong zest for adventure and the huge chip on his shoulder, Big Pete's awkward sensitivity and dorky sincerity.  They're great brothers, and this weird town is a great backdrop for an adventure.  

The show is so good at capturing childhood without being childish.  A story that can hit that note would be simply fabulous.

The Invisible Man (TV 2000)

I'm a sucker for partners.  Scifi flavored detective/spy partners with snarky banter and plenty of angst?  It's like catnip.  This show has some of the best snarky banter around, and the partnership between Darien Fawkes and Bobby Hobbes is truly inspiring. 

Friendship, loyalty -- a story that keeps those in mind can go pretty much anywhere and I'd follow it happily.

The Books of the Raksura by Martha Wells

I'm currently rereading these, again.  (I haven't read the new story collection, but I will have before I get your story) There's just something about Moon's prickly, defensive shell slowly softening around his family and friends that I really enjoy.  The very good reasons for that shell still lurking around in the back of his mind make this even braver, and more interesting.

I like to see Moon thrown into situations where he just has to react, situations he's unfamiliar with and that make him nervous.  He learns, through the books, to rely somewhat on those he's come to know and trust, but he's got good reason to be nervous and years of reflex and instinct to relearn.  So it would be really cool to see his reactions from other points of view, as those with more traditional Raksuran experiences have to adjust their expectations, or deal with the fact that Moon just isn't following their script.  Jade and Malachite, with their own atypical experiences, may have a better idea of what to expect, but what about someone like Tempest?

A story exploring those other viewpoints would be pretty great, is what I'm saying.

But again, for any of these requests, write the story you want to write.  Have fun with it.  I'll love the results!

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Hello, Yuletide writer!  I apologize for the lateness of this letter.  I hope it didn't cause you trouble!

I know I'm going to love you story, if only for the fact that you wrote them for ~me~ and I love getting presents.  So if the optional details aren't working for you?  Don't worry about them!  Write what you want to write.  I do have a couple of requests that I hope you can agree with though.

Please don't give me mpreg?  (I know it's sort of canonically possible in at least one of these fandoms?  But I just . . . don't care for it.  Not for baby-fic at all really.)  I also don't enjoy character bashing -- not even of the "bad guys."  It just seems petty.

I do prefer plot and character development over fluff or smut -- but if you like fluff and or smut, please don't hesitate to write it!  I'd just prefer it if that wasn't all there was.

And . . . that's it really.  Like I said, I'm sure I will enjoy whatever you write!

If, however, you would like to use those optional details:

optional details are optional )

And please, let me stress again that I will enjoy whatever it is you like to write!  I've left these optional details fairly vague for just that reason.  Have fun!  And thank you!

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Title: Dream of Drowning, and Wake in Snow

Word Count: 1613
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: Sasha's fever dream wakes Eveshka in the middle of the night.

Notes: Written for Yuletide 2012 as a gift for minutia_r.  Takes place a little over a year after the second book.

Disclaimer:   I don't own the Rusalka novels and no infringement is intended, nor profit being made.

* * *

He had dreamt he was drowning – not a dream to take lightly, not in that house, even if wizards could afford to dismiss their dreams at all. )


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Title: Gloves, and other Sheddable Skins

Word Count: 1018
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: Bester has clear, carefully crafted goals.

Notes: Written for Yuletide 2012, as a gift for calapine.  Directly references episode 8, season 2.

Disclaimer:   I don't own the characters of Babylon 5 and no infringement is intended, nor profit being made.

* * * 

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I don't generally do the Yuletide Recs thing -- not formally, anyway, with a post and stuff.  I like to take a more leisurely approach to the archive.  But it opened really early!  And I got to read a few stories before I went to bed.  

I know a few people who will absolutely love these!

My own gift is pretty great, guys -- anybody remember the Adventures of Pete & Pete?  Anybody wonder what the boys would do in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event?   There's some fantastically drawn brotherly bonds here, I recommend it --- take my name

I've asked for Tower at Stony Wood fic almost every year, I think, and haven't got it -- but this fic soothes the pain!  It's really beautifully written, very much as McKillip would have done it herself, I think -- The Selkie's Daughter

And you've all read the Books of the Raksura, right?  By Martha Wells?  (you haven't?  What is wrong with you?)  Anyway, here's a wonderful, Chime-centric fic full of painfully true emotional resonance and snarky bonds of love and friendship -- Children of the New Court

With this just from the first few hours of the archive opening, I'm really looking forward to reading through the rest this year!  (looks like there's five Skyrim fics -- they're up next!)


Dec. 25th, 2012 01:22 am
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 Yuletide is up already!  The Adventures of Pete & Pete after the apocalypse, just for me.  :3
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 The three I didn't get fic for last year:

The Adventures of Pete & Pete
Night Circus -- Erin Morgenstern
Tower at Stony Wood -- Patricia A McKillip

Other possibilities:

Stoneheart trilogy -- Charlie Fletcher (from 2 years ago)
ReBoot (again)
Natsume Yuujinchou (again)
the Alex Verus books -- Benedict Jacka
the Peter Grant books -- Ben Aaronovitch
the Books of the Raksura -- Martha Wells
Ronin Warriors/YoroidanSamurai Troopers  (I wrote for it last year, would mind some fic)
H2 -- Adachi Mitsuru
Touched -- Adachi Mitsuru
Night Watch or Going Postal -- Terry Pratchett (or is Discworld too big for Yuletide?  Nah, it should be fine)
that one commercial . . . the Cartier jeweler one
oooh, could I ask for the Drunken History of Superman's Death and Resurrection video?  Maybe as RPF.

know I'm forgetting things I meant to make note of during this last year . . .

Oh, maybe Minecraft!  I'm not sure how that would work, but maybe Minecraft. 

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Yuletide nominations are open!  Which is fantastic, I love Yuletide.  But I don't know what I want to ask for yet -- I haven't thought about it at all, really.  :(

Nominations are open until October 3rd though, so I have time to consider.  I usually just go with whatever I had on my list that I didn't get the year before, plus one or two new fandoms, but that seems sort of lazy.  There's so much cool stuff out there!

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