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Maybe summer is just too hot for me to write.  But sure enough, let it get closer to hoodie weather and I start looking for prompts.  Luckily, there are plenty.

I'm writing a Books of the Raksura fic based on an awesome art prompt by[personal profile] pentapus , I've claimed a bandom prompt for [community profile] no_tags , and hey, it's Yuletide season!  I nominated the Books of the Raksura again, because they're awesome, and three video game (or video game adjacent) fandoms, which is new for me.  But they could be fun.

With all that, I'm also itching to make some progress on some things I've had in the works for awhile.  So yeah, autumn = words.   <3
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 Between video games and snuggling with Boy, my writing time has dwindled considerably!  (woe woe, my life is hard)  

So I missed the Wave One deadline, but I've signed up for Wave Three.  I am determined to finish this fic!

I am really looking forward to reading all your stuff, guys!  The claims post looks very intriguing.   :D


Apr. 11th, 2013 11:37 pm
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I like this meme!  

21 first sentences from my fic, in reverse chronological order )

From 11 different fandoms (Geez, Yuletide sure encourages diversity).  Is there a pattern?  I can't really tell.  Maybe a predilection for prepositional phrases.  I think I like to try to set the scene with the first sentence, if I can, so they tend to be longish.  Except when they aren't.  

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 I went ahead and signed up for the Remix Redux thing.  It'll be fun!!

Let's see.  The BRBB fic goes up on Monday, and it's all ready to go, so that's one thing checked off the list.  But that leaves:

The Natsume Yuujinchou exchange fic (due March 17!)
The Remix Redux assignment (due April 16th)
the SGA Genficathon fic (draft due May 3)
the BBB fic (draft due May 11)
the SGA RBB fic (due May 13th)
the Space BB fic (draft due June 10)

Ah well.  I wanted to keep myself busy writing!

Ooh, but hey!  Someone's claimed my fic from last year's BBB as part of the Podfic Wave!  EXCITING. (and not something I need to worry about finishing!)

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