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 Weddings are weird, yo, even when you're tossing traditions out the window.  We've scrapped the venue plan we had before, due to some unexpected expenses, and plans have gone through several permutations -- I wouldn't say I was stressing out, because honestly we were always willing to fall back to just the courthouse marriage and forget about the reception.  Your basic elopement.  But it was a LITTLE stressful.   I like parties!  I wanted one!

But it's sorted now.

We're still doing the courthouse marriage -- 11 in the morning on the 28th, just the parents in attendance.  Then we'll have a family dinner somewhere -- maybe one of the 4 teppanyaki places in the city, maybe a little Italian joint the future MIL knows.  There's a Japanese restaurant I want to see about (I'm not sure they can do a semi private largish group thing).  I honestly don't care much where we eat, so long as the family can be there and I can wear my dress without feeling silly.  

Boy (his name is Chad) is planning on getting a three piece suit.  He'll look smashing.  :D
Then the next day we'll have the reception for friends (and family if they want) -- we've reserved a park shelter at a nearish lake.  There's outside grills, and fireplace grills inside the shelter, so we'll do brats and throw some potatoes and veggies wrapped in foil on the coals.  There should be a few vegetarians/vegans there, so I'll get some vegan sausages too -- there's some pretty good ones out there.  The park is on the Kansas side, so they allow alchohol (a big reason we picked it), so we may get a keg, and we'll encourage our friends to bring their own options.  I've ordered some paper lanterns to hang about, and will probably line the tables with votive candles in mason jars or something.

I'm excited!  The park is lovely, and it should be a fun, lowkey sort of thing.  Just what I wanted to start with!  (also, the shelter reservations was MUCH MUCH cheaper than the money we were going to spend on the venue).

The wedding website has been updated, with pictures of the shelter and all.  Again, if ANY of you happen to find yourself in the area on the 29th of this month, please feel free to stop by and have a drink, have a sausage, have a dance!  <3 <3 <3

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 We are trying SO HARD to keep our wedding plans simple (and cheap) because, let's face it, we're poor.  That's mostly my fault -- I've almost but not quite finished paying off a loan that is taking a huge chunk out of my not particularly generous paychecks.  In fact, I'll make the last payment about 3 weeks AFTER the wedding.  Le sigh.

But we still want a party!  We were hoping to hold the reception in a yard, at either my folk's place or his, but that fell through.  So we're going to have to pay for a venue.  I made the deposit today -- It's quite a nice place!  Low fuss and rather lovely, a stone paved basement with a working fireplace and a nice sound system -- we're figuring out how to turn our Google Music account into a sort of jukebox our guests can pick songs for, and we'll probably have some karaoke going as well as dancing -- but still, even though it's significantly cheaper than most of the wedding venues around here, it still costs more than we wanted to pay.  And since we're paying for the venue, we'll need to find other funds for food and drink.

With that in mind, we decided to set up a GoFundMe account -- an "in lieu of gifts" sort  of thing, for our friends who might want to pitch in towards the reception and the honeymoon.  I mean, it's not like we really need a new toaster or a new set of bath towels, and I know most of my family at least would prefer to give some sort of gift.  

Still feels a bit weird though.  Even though I know it's getting more common to "register" your honeymoon and such.

To save some money, I ordered some business cards instead of invitations, with the url to a wedding website I set up.  (13 dollars for a hundred cards versus 60+ for 50 invitations!  The Wedding Industrial Complex is ridiculous)  We'll pass those out to local guests and mail them off to those a bit further away. They should arrive the first week of June.  Cutting it a bit close for a traditional wedding, I know, but this clearly isn't one.  More of a cocktail party, with wedding tints.

I think it'll all turn out well!  Fun and low key and with just enough nods to keep the traditionalists happy without breaking into our "Moving to Seattle" fund -- my lease is up at the end of February, and we're carefully tending that fund so that we can get an apartment and have a bit of cushion to find jobs, in case I can't transfer to the Half-Price Books out there, and in case Boy can't find a new job quickly.

Also, if any of you happen to find yourself in Kansas City on September 1st, you are absolutely invited to my reception!

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 So, my future mother-in-law makes jewelry -- cool, industrial looking, chunky sorts of jewelry -- and she's going to make my engagement/wedding ring.  Which is super exciting, since I quite like her style!

We sat down and brainstormed a bit, and came up with some ideas -- I think diamonds are rather boring, not to mention the skeazy political/social implications they come packed with, so she's going to use a nice, large garnet instead (my favorite!), and it looks like she'll be making a swirling, spirally sort of ring, fairly wide, with bands of textured sterling silver (there's this really cool texture you can get by beating the metal against concrete, and some that look like bark, and  then there's hammered textures, and it's all very interesting) and there may be tiny copper rivets involved.  It's possible she'll make the ring, and then add another band as the "wedding ring" part of the ring after the legalities, but I'm actually cool with just the one ring, complete and total. She'll make a similar, but slightly different ring for the Boy, and I'll post pictures as soon as I see the final product -- it's going to be awesome!

The ring is sort of the only bit of the traditional wedding regalia that's important to me -- for one, I like rings in general, but also I like the idea of a physical token of commitment and love and accomplishment.  The part where it's going to be completely unique and I'm going to have input in the design is also super cool.

The wedding itself is going to be quite low key -- we've been living together for almost two years, and neither of us want the pomp and circumstance (or the expense).  So we're planning on getting married at the courthouse, just us and maybe our parents, this summer -- and then having a party later.  Maybe weeks later!  We can do whatever we want!  But it'll probably be this summer, or early fall.  I'm thinking a backyard party, mostly BYOB, ( though I have some ideas about punch)  with paper lanterns hung in the trees and music to dance to or not as you choose.  I'm looking for a dress, but not a wedding dress -- I have my eye on some 50s style swing dresses, maybe a halter top, in red or black or navy.  Something fun, and casual, something I can dance in without breaking the bank.  

I'm getting married, y'all!  :D  

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