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I'm almost halfway through the shrug I'm knitting for my mom -- its a good mindless project to work on while watching a show or listening to a podcast on my lunch break, basically endless stockinette stitch until I get to the ribbing at the end. -- and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need another 3 skeins of yarn to finish it.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the pattern I looked at for inspiration called for bulky, not worsted weight . . . Luckily, the yarn I've started with is not expensive and is apparently still available so I should be able to get more, as soon as I get paid.   

That's usually what I do with patterns, so far.  I find an interesting idea, or a cool looking stitch, and then I try to use them -- sometimes with various modifications, and with whatever yarn I have on hand, whatever needles I have that I think will work.     Which is often fine!  Many patterns are very forgiving.  But the hat I made turned out kind of on the small side, because I didn't account for differences in needle size, and this shrug is going to take quite a bit more yarn than I figured on . . . I should probably take the suggested materials more seriously.

I accepted an invitation for the Ello beta -- as far as I can tell it's a mix of twitter and tumblr, promising no ads.  I have no idea if I'll actually use the platform -- I'm already on tumblr, instagram, and twitter, as well as LJ, DW, and facebook.  And AO3.  It might go the way of my Google+ account, and languish untouched almost all of the time, with occasional visits to check people's photo albums.  Or maybe I'll focus it, and use the Ello account for a sort of knitting blog, or a place to talk about video games. . .   Anyway, if anybody else is trying out Ello, look me up.  I'm phauxks on there (which is also who I am on Steam, if any of you are PC gamers).

I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Origins -- I can't afford the new DA game yet, but it looks AWESOME.  So to distract myself I'm going to play the first two games.  I never actually finished either of them, so this is a great opportunity to get back in.  My Boy, on the other hand, went ahead and bought the new game, and I have to stop myself from just staring over his shoulder as he plays.  DA: Inquisition is SO PRETTY.  I want it!

Before that though, I should double check the Yuletide deadline.   I haven't gotten beyond vague brainstorming yet.  It's probably time to kick that up a notch . . .

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 Ahahahahaha, I beat him!  Super Ornstein goes down!  

Granted, i summoned Solaire, but I don't feel guilty using help the game WANTS you to use.  :P  And this means next time I'm at Firelink Shrine with a whole lot of souls, I can buy Ornstein's cool armor instead of Smough's hideous pile of ugliness.

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 I feel like I'm missing things!  I've been a bit absent lately, my to-read list is not shrinking, and my to-write list just keeps growing!  But.  Well, so I picked up Skyrim months and months after everyone else, okay.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  (I'm only level seven!  Unacceptable.)

Please feel free to poke me if you want my attention!  I'll have to rein myself back into a writing headspace pretty soon anyway -- can't keep wandering around Skyrim for TOO long.  Maybe just a few more days.  :D

Oh, and also, I'm an aunt again!  Sister's second boy.  Babies are really pretty boring, on a average, but he does have the most adorably grumpy newborn frown.  <3

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