Jan. 8th, 2016 09:55 pm
theladysnarkydame: (Wait. Idea!)
 So, pending finalities of background checks and move-in date negotiations, we have an apartment!

It's in Shoreside Village, not far from my job -- I can walk it in less than an hour, anyway.  The office out there is closed till Monday (and we need to talk -- move-in date that was available on the computer is sooner than we can actually be there), so I have to wait until I can be less nervous.  Buy my online application was approved, at least!  And we put a deposit down, so they'll hold the apartment for us while things get settled.  It's a start!

theladysnarkydame: Moon and Chime from The Books of the Raksura! (What?)
 I have . . . so many books.

I've gotten rid of A LOT of them over the last year or so, since we've been planning this move (at least in the abstract) ever since Chad and I got serious.  But I've been packing them up in preparation of getting rid of a few bookshelves, and dude.  So many left!  So many left that I WANT TO KEEP.

I have resolved to take just one box of books with us when we move -- we're trying to fit everything in a largish minivan, so that we don't have to rent a U-haul.  One box of my very favorite, "I'll read these within a month or two of moving", "I've gotta have these" books.  All the rest of the books that I can't bear to part with . . . will sit, in boxes, at my parents' house, until I send for them.  

My folks agreed to hold on to them, and ship them out a box or two at a time -- media mail is pretty cheap, comparatively.  I figure, a box a month after we're settled.  If the first apartment is short term, at least the next move will be within the same state.  Moving books will be simpler then.

When I discussed this with my parents, I expected to leave them 7 or 8 boxes.  I've packed 6 so far, and there will probably be at least another 6.  I'm getting to the point where I have to tell myself -- "you don't need to bring ALL your CJ Cherryh books.  Just bring a few!  you'll get the rest back soon enough!  Don't bring the Jim Butcher books!  You probably won't reread those AT LEAST until summer (but they're SIGNED my bookbrain wails).  Put the Patricia A McKillip DOWN.  ALL THE MANGA CAN WAIT.  THAT CALVIN & HOBBES SET IS TOO BIG.  And I just.  *cries*

Choosing one box's worth may be an impossible task.

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