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I don't generally do the Yuletide Recs thing -- not formally, anyway, with a post and stuff.  I like to take a more leisurely approach to the archive.  But it opened really early!  And I got to read a few stories before I went to bed.  

I know a few people who will absolutely love these!

My own gift is pretty great, guys -- anybody remember the Adventures of Pete & Pete?  Anybody wonder what the boys would do in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event?   There's some fantastically drawn brotherly bonds here, I recommend it --- take my name

I've asked for Tower at Stony Wood fic almost every year, I think, and haven't got it -- but this fic soothes the pain!  It's really beautifully written, very much as McKillip would have done it herself, I think -- The Selkie's Daughter

And you've all read the Books of the Raksura, right?  By Martha Wells?  (you haven't?  What is wrong with you?)  Anyway, here's a wonderful, Chime-centric fic full of painfully true emotional resonance and snarky bonds of love and friendship -- Children of the New Court

With this just from the first few hours of the archive opening, I'm really looking forward to reading through the rest this year!  (looks like there's five Skyrim fics -- they're up next!)

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 My friends, without going into spoilers:  The Avengers is a LOT of fun + Joss Whedon has not lost his touch with dialogue + NONE of the actors phoned it in (and the team dynamic was nicely balanced, IMO) = go see it, go see it soon.  Also, be aware, the 3-D was more annoying than usual, especially in the action scenes (though it did allow for some cool camera work) and (at least in the US)  there is a bonus cut scene at the very end of the credits, as well as the one in the middle of the credits.  So don't get up early.

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