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 WOW.  Okay.  Wow.

Just went to see the new Mad Max movie.  Let me say, if you see it, don't drink too much.  There's like . . . no real spot to run to the restroom.  Moves too fast.

You may have heard (or maybe not, if you avoid Reddit) that some MRA types were boycotting this movie because it tried to reach out and have a "feminist perspective" -- and you know what?  It does.  This movie, for all it's named for Max, is driven by women, is about women, and does that very very well.

Also, this movie is gorgeous.  The special effects seem mostly practical, with relatively little CG (the one big use, a sandstorm, is stunning) the cinematography is beautiful, and the editing -  I hear that George Miller picked a women to edit who hadn't ever edited an action movie before, so she used the score, the musical cues, to make cuts.  And it makes for a compellingly rhythmic, driving, visceral movie. 

It works.  Oh, it works.

Go see this.  Please go see this.  I want more action movies like this one.
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One of the things I like about living downtown is that there is a really awesome theater just a few blocks away -- the really beautiful, really technically advanced AMC Mainstreet 6, where there's plenty of leg room, reserved seating, and alcohol available at the concession stand.  :)

But it is currently closed.  Because they sold it.

For a moment, I was appalled, because I was trying to get tickets for the midnight showing of Spider-man and now I have to get them somewhere else.  I am no longer used to waiting in line for a movie, you know?  I like the reserved seats.  And not needing to find a ride.

But then I realized just who was taking over the theater, and while I am still a bit miffed at the timing (they couldn't wait until AFTER July 3rd?) I am legitimately thrilled to see these guys coming into KC.  This sounds like just my sort of theater.

So welcome to Kansas City, Alamo Drafthouse! 

If you hurry up and reopen in time for me to grab Spider-man tickets after all, I will love you completely, instead of just pretty-much-completely.

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