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 Boy and I went to see Pacific Rim -- and yeah, I was totally going to love it from the start, because Giant Robots, but it was ACTUALLY REALLY FUN.

I love that it wasn't an origin sort of story, that the world had been dealing with this for years, that this was the end of the war.  That there were kaiju games and merchandise and groupies, that there were such things as BONE SLUMS built up in and around the skeletons of the beasts -- it gave it all an extra dimension of reality.  And there's so much story potential lurking around, what with the backstories of all those jaeger pilots, the program itself, the destruction and rebuilding of all those coastal cities . . . it's a wide open field.

I LOVED the tech.   The gritty, worn down, USED look of it, the weight that came across so easily -- these things were massive, and they looked it, and they felt it too, what with the obvious effort it took to move the things, and the way the joints worked, and the camera tricks they used to put across the sheer scale of it all . . . I have nothing against the slick, shiny Star Trek style scifi, but sometimes all I want is impossible tech that feels fucking dirty, you know?

The Drift was really cool, too, and an interesting way to emphasize the sort of toll that kind of tech would take on a pilot  -- and anyway, it's just about custom made for fandom use!  Canonical soul bonding!  Memory sharing!  Awesome.

Rinko Kikuchi pretty much ruled, which is impressive in a cast with Idris Elba at the helm, but I really thought the whole cast did a good job -- and whoever that kid was who played baby!Mako is going places, she was fantastic.

Parts of the plot were pretty predictable, sure, and the dialogue was incredibly cheesy a lot of the time, but I didn't care.  I was having too much fun.

In short, go see it!  It's great!

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We went to see the midnight showing of The Hobbit last night (this morning?) and guys, guys, it's so much fun! 

It's LOOOOOONG, but it didn't feel bloated or stretched out or anything.  I was a bit worried when I found out Jackson had turned it into a trilogy, but really . . . so much stuff happens in that little book!  And there's even more stuff that's hinted at, or passed over in the text -- so there's plenty of material to fill three movies.

They weren't showing it in 48fps, which I didn't mind -- I'll want to see it that way eventually, if possible, just to compare, but the normal frame rate looked beautiful to me.

Martin Freeman is a fantastic  Bilbo.  Everyone was fantastic, really, but he really sold it, I think.  Armitage is great as Thorin -- and Thorin is kind of a pompous ass in the books?  Or, well, he's very aware that he is An Important Dwarf.  But I LOVE Thorin in the movie.  He's still so painfully proud, but he seems more solemn  and sensitive too.

Anyway, SO GOOD.  But now I have to wait for the Desolation of Smaug.  ;__:
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So I went to see the midnight showing of Spider-Man (in 2D) at the new Alamo Drafthouse here in KC.  Short version -- AWESOME. 

The theater is still getting all its stuff together, which means the online ticket purchasing system isn't up yet.  So I wasn't surprised that the show didn't sell out.  There was a good crowd though!  And the concession stands weren't fully stocked, due to the whole rearranging everything thing.  But they had M&Ms so I was good.

The custom preshow (which the Drafthouse does instead of ads and commercials while the lights are up) was great -- clips of weird Spider-Man shows all mixed up and cycled through randomly.  There was a trailer for the Italian Spider-Man (which looked mostly like a porno), clips from the old Japanese version, the 90s cartoon, some strange kid's show were a Spidey that spoke only in comic bubbles fought a guy named Blowhard that was trying to ruin a b-day party, a really hysterically awful live action version where Spidey's suit looked like badly fitted plastic and the webbing was black tulle -- in this one, he was fighting Dr. Lightning out in the middle of the country, but that didn't stop him from using that black tulle to swing away (presumably hitching a ride on a passing bird); also a clip of the real life Spider Man, scaling what was possibly the Eiffel Tower.

Then there was the PSA -- the Drafthouse has a stringent NO TALKING policy -- wherein the old concession stand folk (the soda, the hot dog and the popcorn) are interrupted by a rotten food death metal band roaring about the way they bite you in the side and give you a disease if they caught you talking.  It was awesome, if only for the expression on the soda's face.  :D  (despite this warning, the dad and the 10 year old kid behind us -- which, really, a 10 year old here for a midnight show in a theatre that allows alchohol?  Okay -- were talking a lot.  They didn't get kicked out, most likely because no one felt like calling the manager to kick out a child and his obnoxious dad.)

Then there was like, two or three trailers (the only one I remember was for something called Savages about a drug war involving two guys and a girl in a three way relationship and the cartel that was muscling in on their marijuana business).  And then there was Spider-Man!

And guys, I know it's not Avengers level awesome, because that was some Stars-Aligned-Just-Right Awesome, and also it's the origin story, again, and everybody knows the origin story . . . but it was, sure enough, awesome.

the long version, with spoilers )

Verdict -- I love the Drafthouse's style -- I will be going back pretty often, I think.  And I loved the movie, and will probably go see it again. 

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 My friends, without going into spoilers:  The Avengers is a LOT of fun + Joss Whedon has not lost his touch with dialogue + NONE of the actors phoned it in (and the team dynamic was nicely balanced, IMO) = go see it, go see it soon.  Also, be aware, the 3-D was more annoying than usual, especially in the action scenes (though it did allow for some cool camera work) and (at least in the US)  there is a bonus cut scene at the very end of the credits, as well as the one in the middle of the credits.  So don't get up early.

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