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For my birthday in February, I decided to get myself a tattoo. I waited for my tax return to come in, but I finally got the chance to have it done yesterday.

I've had an idea of what I wanted for a while -- which was good, because the tattoo artist I went to was not nerdy enough in the same areas I am to recognize what I was talking about. He was willing though, so I pulled some pictures together for him and sketched out what I wanted. He did a really great job with it, so I'll forgive him for his lack of video game culture. :P

(by the way, if any of you happen to be in Kansas City and want to get a tattoo while you're here, I highly recommend Mercy Seat -- all the artists there have great portfolios, and Chris Orr, the guy who did mine, was very low key and very skilled.)

Anyway, this is what I showed the tattoo artist: 
largish images )

And this is what the finished product looks like (still slightly red around the edges):

tattoo! )Might I add -- it's really fucking hard to take a picture of your own shoulder blade.

And now I'm already starting to plan my next tattoo -- it really is sort of addictive!

theladysnarkydame: (Hope -- and a sword)
There's been a distinct lack of Link's silly green hat in my life lately.  I do believe I shall have to rectify this situation.

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