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I've been working on a hat, mostly to practice a lattice panel stitch pattern, and to use up some yarn I couldn't think of a project for.  It didn't go too badly, really (although the needles I used were too sharp for my taste -- my fingertips are still a bit sore).  I did mess up the decreases for the crown just enough to be noticeable, so I added a floofy bobble to cover it.  

Bobbles aren't really my style, but I don't know, it's sorta working for me.  :D  

Now, to decide what to knit next . . . 

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I'm almost halfway through the shrug I'm knitting for my mom -- its a good mindless project to work on while watching a show or listening to a podcast on my lunch break, basically endless stockinette stitch until I get to the ribbing at the end. -- and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need another 3 skeins of yarn to finish it.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the pattern I looked at for inspiration called for bulky, not worsted weight . . . Luckily, the yarn I've started with is not expensive and is apparently still available so I should be able to get more, as soon as I get paid.   

That's usually what I do with patterns, so far.  I find an interesting idea, or a cool looking stitch, and then I try to use them -- sometimes with various modifications, and with whatever yarn I have on hand, whatever needles I have that I think will work.     Which is often fine!  Many patterns are very forgiving.  But the hat I made turned out kind of on the small side, because I didn't account for differences in needle size, and this shrug is going to take quite a bit more yarn than I figured on . . . I should probably take the suggested materials more seriously.

I accepted an invitation for the Ello beta -- as far as I can tell it's a mix of twitter and tumblr, promising no ads.  I have no idea if I'll actually use the platform -- I'm already on tumblr, instagram, and twitter, as well as LJ, DW, and facebook.  And AO3.  It might go the way of my Google+ account, and languish untouched almost all of the time, with occasional visits to check people's photo albums.  Or maybe I'll focus it, and use the Ello account for a sort of knitting blog, or a place to talk about video games. . .   Anyway, if anybody else is trying out Ello, look me up.  I'm phauxks on there (which is also who I am on Steam, if any of you are PC gamers).

I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Origins -- I can't afford the new DA game yet, but it looks AWESOME.  So to distract myself I'm going to play the first two games.  I never actually finished either of them, so this is a great opportunity to get back in.  My Boy, on the other hand, went ahead and bought the new game, and I have to stop myself from just staring over his shoulder as he plays.  DA: Inquisition is SO PRETTY.  I want it!

Before that though, I should double check the Yuletide deadline.   I haven't gotten beyond vague brainstorming yet.  It's probably time to kick that up a notch . . .

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 I have REALLY got to figure out how to back out of a messed up row of knitting without ripping out the whole project -- it seems simple right?  pull the working yarn out and catch the right loops back on the needle?  but every time (EVERY TIME) I lose the loops! so I end up just winding up the yarn and starting over.  Ahhh, there goes four days of work . . .

The cowl was looking pretty good too.  *pout*
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I finished those fingerless mitts a while ago -- they came out pretty nicely! A couple things I'd do differently if I do them again (there's some messed up rows you can see in the picture) and I might line them with fabric eventually -- I didn't want to cut the yarn I was using to make the darker stripes bordering the fishtail lace panel, so the yarn is kinda looped across like an eleven stitch section all the way up. I can see myself snagging it with a finger eventually, but the thought of cutting the yarn and weaving in the ends over and over again for a two stitch border was . . . unappealing.

fishtail mitts )

I am currently knitting up a circle scarf in bamboo stitch (which is fun! Very simple, but I like the look) with seed stitch borders, and am thinking of knitting a matching hat -- I have never attempted a hat before.

Is it easy to keep track of the decreases that shape the crown? It must be, right? Hats are usually like, the second or third sort of thing people knit, after scarves.
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 Ahhh, i was THIS CLOSE to finishing the first of these fingerless mitts I'm working on when I noticed that the five rows of ribbing I'd just done were wrong side out.  :(  So I took a deep breath and ripped those five rows out -- but I only managed to get about half the required stitches back on the needle, so I said "fuck it" and just undid the whole thing.  :<

They're practice mitts anyway -- I'm learning a fishtail lace insert sort of thing, and I wanted something simple to try it out in -- and they won't take too awful long to redo.

If I can get these done reasonably well, i'm going to do them again, but for the next pair, I'm going to do the insert and the ribbing in a different color then the body of the mitt.  I'm a bit apprehensive about switching yarn mid row -- I've never done that.

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