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 I got the job I wanted!  I start Monday morning (which is about 5 days later than I'd like, but whatever).  And the wages will be substantially higher than I was expecting when I applied, even though of course they'll start out lower than I was making before.  

I'll be working for Half-Price Books, so I'll still be working with books (and music and movies and video games), with the added bonus of working with USED books -- I love used books.  I love the way older books smell, I love finding all the different cover art styles from different countries, i love the dog eared pages and the yellowed paper and the creased spines.  

As a bonus, HPB is one of the few retail spaces I know of in this country that primarily hires full-time employees -- this was my major complaint working at B&N, as we ONLY hired part time.  It's hard to get good people to stay at part time hours, and its hard to get them trained properly if they do.

The danger (which is very real!) will be me using up my paychecks right away -- the employee discount is 50%.  Off of the already discounted prices.

After I get a sense of what sort of schedule I'll be having I may keep looking for part time work, or some other supplemental income.  I've decided to move to Seattle when my lease is up (end of February), and I'll need to save up.  But for now?  I have a job!  I have a GOOD JOB.  And that?  Is a real relief.

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 Two interviews today -- the first one went quite well (I think -- I'm starting to get paranoid) and it's for a job I really really think I'd love, and do well at, and that would fit into my future plans neatly.  The second was brisk and non committal and for a job I'd probably enjoy well enough at a place I could walk to, and where I could POTENTIALLY make a lot of money, at least some days, but that would definitely not be a long term sort of thing.  

If the first one doesn't call me tomorrow, I'd call them the next day (normally I'd hesitate, but they actually told me to go ahead and call to check up, because they don't know when they'll be done with interviews) because I WANT that job.

If the second one never calls?  Eh.  It's a back up anyway.

In other news, it's really hot and humid outside right now.  Ick.
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 SOMEONE CALLED ME BACK!!!11! (and it wasn't a restaurant! squeeeeeee)


The interview is Monday morning.  I hope it goes well.

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