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 So I've seen a couple people do this as an extension to that 21 First Lines fic meme, and go figure!  It also looks fun.  :D

21 last lines from my fic, in actual chronological order )

It seems I may be slightly more likely to use names in the last line than the first, and the last sentence is often quite short (except when it isn't).

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 I'd like to finish a few stories anyway.  Hell, I write AUs anyway.
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[personal profile] naye ! I got your beautiful card -- is that one of your photos? I love it, totally made my day to find it in the mail. ♥

And I got my trope bingo card! It's AU heavy, but that works for me. :D There's a couple that don't interest me, so I don't think I'll consider a black-out, but there are a couple of lines that should do!

au: circus au: coffee shop alpha / beta / omega accidental marriage au: college / highschool
slavefic au: daemons holiday fusion poker/strip poker
locked in amnesia FREE

virginfic / secretly a virgin au: fantasy
animal transformation rivals to lovers au: other fake relationship au: hooker / porn / stripper
presumed dead huddle for warmth sex pollen kidfic au: steampunk

"WRITE MORE" was my only real resolution this year -- that and kicking my Red Bull habit, but that lasted all of a day. Less than a day. Maybe that will be a birthday resolution, instead!
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. . .  that haven't progressed in ages? 

No?  Really?  I have a couple of those folders.

Had to drop out of the Dragon Big Bang.  :(  While I could have wrapped up the rough draft by the deadline, there's no way I'd have been able to finish the final draft by January.

Self, learn from this!  Stop signing up for EVERYTHING. 

BUT!  I will absolutely finish the Dragon story, as well as the Bandom Big Bang story that's languishing 3/4 of the way done.  Just, you know.  After Stuffsit.  And Yuletide.  And that other thing.

I'm so glad I wasn't delusional enough to sign up for Nanowrimo.  Not that I wasn't tempted.
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This story is so very stalled!  I can fix it, I think, but not in time for the wave one draft due date.  SO.  Wave three it is.  That's  all right.  I like August.  August is a good month for stories.  :/

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