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All right, this is a day late and all, so I'm going to keep this short and run-on-sentency.

MSI is great fun live: Kitty is amazing, Steve is dead pan and awesome, Jimmy has WAY MORE energy then me and his little beer belly is cute, LynZ almost managed to hang from the rafters but the crowd was too short to hold her up that high, also LynZ is too pretty for words, the Beaumont's sound system kinda sucks (or the guy running the boards doesn't know what he's doing), [personal profile] ciel_vert  is a fantastic person and you're lucky if you know her,  I really like it when the bass is deep and growly and I can feel the music in my bones,  AND it was nice to come out of a concert with all my joints and limbs in working order, the end.


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I don't go to a whole lot of concerts, but I love them dearly -- I love the noise, I love the MUSIC, i love the threat of injury (dude, my ankle was black and blue for WEEKS after the MCR concert at the Midland) (yes okay that last part is a bit weird.  I have a generally boring life okay?  It was exciting.)

And thanks to [personal profile] ciel_vert  I remembered that MSI was going to be in town next week!  And now I get to go!  :DDDDDDDD

(Ticketmaster can DIAF though, for sure)

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