Jan. 8th, 2016 09:55 pm
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 So, pending finalities of background checks and move-in date negotiations, we have an apartment!

It's in Shoreside Village, not far from my job -- I can walk it in less than an hour, anyway.  The office out there is closed till Monday (and we need to talk -- move-in date that was available on the computer is sooner than we can actually be there), so I have to wait until I can be less nervous.  Buy my online application was approved, at least!  And we put a deposit down, so they'll hold the apartment for us while things get settled.  It's a start!

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Also! I got a lovely sparkly card in the mail today (Thanks [personal profile] turps !)

And all of you, my loves, my friends, have a lovely new year!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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 I have . . . so many books.

I've gotten rid of A LOT of them over the last year or so, since we've been planning this move (at least in the abstract) ever since Chad and I got serious.  But I've been packing them up in preparation of getting rid of a few bookshelves, and dude.  So many left!  So many left that I WANT TO KEEP.

I have resolved to take just one box of books with us when we move -- we're trying to fit everything in a largish minivan, so that we don't have to rent a U-haul.  One box of my very favorite, "I'll read these within a month or two of moving", "I've gotta have these" books.  All the rest of the books that I can't bear to part with . . . will sit, in boxes, at my parents' house, until I send for them.  

My folks agreed to hold on to them, and ship them out a box or two at a time -- media mail is pretty cheap, comparatively.  I figure, a box a month after we're settled.  If the first apartment is short term, at least the next move will be within the same state.  Moving books will be simpler then.

When I discussed this with my parents, I expected to leave them 7 or 8 boxes.  I've packed 6 so far, and there will probably be at least another 6.  I'm getting to the point where I have to tell myself -- "you don't need to bring ALL your CJ Cherryh books.  Just bring a few!  you'll get the rest back soon enough!  Don't bring the Jim Butcher books!  You probably won't reread those AT LEAST until summer (but they're SIGNED my bookbrain wails).  Put the Patricia A McKillip DOWN.  ALL THE MANGA CAN WAIT.  THAT CALVIN & HOBBES SET IS TOO BIG.  And I just.  *cries*

Choosing one box's worth may be an impossible task.


Dec. 23rd, 2015 10:08 pm
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 So, last week I had a phone interview with a store in Everett, WA (about 30 min North of Seattle), sort of paving the way for the transfer I need for when we move.   The interview was for a position that would be a promotion -- I didn't think they'd hold it for me, but it was worth a shot, and they'd remember my name for a straight transfer at a time that worked for me.



I got the promotion.  (apparently, I "I nailed the phone interview" which seems ridiculous.  I was super nervous the whole time).  This is fantastic!  A guaranteed job when I move half way across the country, AND a rather significant raise!  \o/  I don't know how significant yet, since they have to make some calculations to account for the lower wages in my current location.  (Washington has a minimum wage 3 or 4 dollars higher than Missouri does, so they need to get my current wage up to what an equivalent position would make there, and THEN factor in the raise for the new position.  I should know soon.)

This also should narrow down our apartment search, since we have a definite area we need to look in.  And prospective landlords will surely be happier about renting to us with income coming in right away.

They'll even hold the position -- for a while.  But this has accelerated the timeline!  I need to be out there by February 1st -- which means we're leaving a month early!


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 Thank you, [personal profile] turlough  and Lancecat!  That little squirrel keychain is the most adorable thing.  :D


Nov. 20th, 2015 06:24 pm
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 As I was recently reminded, it's the holiday season!  If anyone would like a card, comment here with your address -- I've probably lost any addresses I previously had, since they were stored in my phone and my phone went kerplat.  :D
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 Winter is moving in very fast -- it's supposed to be in the 30s (Fahrenheit, that is) on Saturday!  I'll have to turn my heat on Friday night.  I was sort of hoping to delay that a little longer, but it's already getting uncomfortably chilly here by the computer, and temps in the 30s are definitely worth the heating bill.  Although its supposed to warm up a little again after that . . .

I'm probably going to go to the Social Security office on Friday to start the process of changing my name -- I haven't gotten around to it since I got married.  No hurry, really, but I'd like to get it done.  Doesn't seem to complicated -- just present the SSA with a certified copy of my marriage certificate, then when I get my new card, take that to the DMV to update my license.  The rest of the process (informing the bank and credit card companies, HR at work, my landlord, etc) can trickle out after that.  Like I said, there's no hurry really.  Not about that . . .

My lease is up at the end of February -- I'll have lived in this apartment for nine years by then.  Nine!  Chad is a bit amazed by that -- he's moved around a lot more than I have ( I tend to put down roots easily, and like to nest).  We're not going to renew the lease, as we're moving to Seattle instead.

And THAT'S what's snuck up on me a bit.  We're moving!  Across the country!  In three months!  (by car! with three cats! /o\)

So, between now and then, we need to:

  • pare down a bit more of my collected clutter -- books mostly.  I have a lot of books -- and anything else we don't want to lug across the states -- hardly any of the furniture, most of which were free hand-me-downs anyway -- so that we can reasonably move everything in one van/truck, possibly with a trailer hitched to it (though if we get everything VERY pared down we can save a bit of money by not renting the trailer).  
  • Buy a van or truck that we can use to move across the country and then keep around -- this will allow Chad to do some contract work for his step dad right away.  He says he's got plenty of work out there, and not enough people in the area to do it, so having wheels = instant work for Chad.  It also means we can live a bit further out of the downtown area and a bit further off the bus lines, which means the rent might be significantly lower.  That's good.  Basically, we'll use the money we would have used to rent a uhaul and pay for a more expensive downtown apartment to buy a vehicle we can move with and then keep.
  • talk my bosses into convincing the store in Seattle to accept a transfer so I have a job out there waiting for me.  This seems totally doable, but the store out there is quite a bit smaller than the one I work at now, and I worry that they simply won't have a position available.  But I'm optimistic!  My bosses like me, and I don't have so much seniority that my paygrade would give a new store pause.  We won't really be able to put this in motion until after the holidays, but I'm going to be pushing hard in January -- if it turns out not to be feasible, I'm going to need to find something else, fast.
  • repaint the walls in my apartment so I can get the I-Painted-My-Walls deposit back from my landlord.  That money will be REALLY useful for the move.
  • Get my cats in for full check ups and update their shots.  Hopefully switch Pico from his steroid pills to regular injections or even an inhaler -- either would be more expensive than the pills, but we worry about the side effects of long term steroid use.  I need to look into getting them microchipped too -- I'd hate for them to get loose somewhere between here and Seattle.  On that note, I should get them used to wearing a harness, and to going on car rides -- once we buy a vehicle, I'll take them for short trips around the city.  Hopefully they'll get used to it a bit.  I'll also talk to the vet about some gentle sedatives, so they can be calm for the three day trip.  Honestly the cats will be the most stressful part about moving, i think.
  • FIND AN APARTMENT.  There's a few that look great on the internet, but they won't be available anymore by the time we need them.  And it's not easy to judge a place from almost 2000 miles away!  I just keep telling myself that whatever place we find, it doesn't need to be permanent.  Once we're in the city, we can find a better place to settle if necessary.  

Hey, if any of you are familiar with the Seattle area, have any tips on where to look?  The store I hope to transfer to is in the University district, so we've mostly been looking in the Northgate, and Bellevue (sp?) areas, since that would be reasonably easy to get to.  Not that we wouldn't like downtown, just, like I said, the expense is less further out.  

EDIT:  There are more stores in the area than I thought!  Which makes the transfer even more likely, as well as potentially widening the area we can look for apartments in.  Although, now I guess any heavy duty apartment hunting may have to wait until we can tell WHICH of the stores is my best option . . .

AHHHH, I'm excited!  But it's starting to make me nervous, too! 

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I just realized that I hadn't actually written this letter until now (Nov 17, oops).  So sorry, Writer!  I hope it wasn't too much of an inconvenience. . .

I put the broad strokes in my sign up form -- so if you've already started, you should be good to go.  But if you want a bit more to go on, here are some things I particularly like about my requested fandoms:

H2 (manga) is as simple as a summer day, but it's profoundly moving, all the same.  If you choose to write for this fandom (which you can read online here if you'd like) I'd love to read something that captures the feeling there -- the summer heat, the young love, the friendship, the rivalry.  The ambition and the heartbreak.  I honestly would enjoy a look at a baseball game, or a date, or a fight between friends, grown up protagonists or a slice taken between the chapters of the manga itself -- go nuts.  

To the Hilt by Dick Francis is a great read -- if you're not familiar with Francis' books I recommend them.  His protagonists are really the most sensible, clear headed group of people I get to read about, and I find that very refreshing.  In this book, Alexander Kinloch adds to that a bit of deeply felt artistic solitude, and a bit of old fashioned family loyalty.  I really enjoyed the friendship that built between him and the PI Chris Young, and I feel like there is quite a lot of opportunity there for further development, either in a romantic sense or one of camaraderie.  Or both.  

The Tower at Stony Wood by Patricia A McKillip is one of my favorite books.  I've requested fic for it before with no luck, so I'll just quote myself here:
quote from previous Yuletide letter )

It all still stands really.  :D  

Most importantly, please have fun writing for any one of these tiny little fandoms.  I do appreciate the fact that you chose to do so, and I look forward to reading your gift!

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So yesterday, Kansas City threw a party, and EVERYONE showed up.

the official estimates puts attendance at somewhere between 500,000 and 800,000 people (KC Metro population, which includes the suburbs, is 2,035,166, so maybe 39% of the population? I believe it) -- I could see a steady stream of people walking through my neighborhood for hours before we decided to head out -- around 10:30 for a parade that started at noon. The buses were all rerouted around downtown -- Chad called into work (he would have had to walk about 20 blocks to the rerouted stop, and even then he'd probably have to wait an hour or more -- buses were so full they were refusing new passengers in many cases. Uber was on surge pricing, and there were no cabs to be had). I didn't have to work until later, so I just called and explained I'd probably be late. My bosses didn't care -- business was going to be glacially slow until after the festivities.

We found a spot along the route that wasn't too crowded to see -- we were about three rows back, and there were lots of kids around so we could generally see over them. Pretty much everyone was in a good mood, calmly waiting, periodically throwing out chants of Let's Go, Royals! (clap clap, clappity clap). The cloudy morning gave way to bright sunshine (I got a little sunburned). All around, people were watching through windows, from truck beds, from roofs.

We could hear the crowds further down the route -- a swelling roar as the parade got moving, breaking out again as the players came through. Confetti cannons around the corner sent glittering clouds around the buildings.

It was a pretty simple parade -- a few marching bands from local high schools, a couple of giant baseball balloons. Mostly, it was staff and family and the players themselves, wearing "Thank You Kansas City" shirts and taking selfies for the crowds. The high school girls in front of us made sure to chant for everyone by name, including the second string, the coaches, the support staff.

Everyone was happy. Everyone was cheering. The city was a sea of blue.

I couldn't make the rally at the end of the parade, because I instead made the hike out to the temporary bus layover spot and eventually to work -- the buses were doing their best, but navigating through throngs of fans coming and going made things slow. Even with the uncertainties over bus routes and schedules and long long walks to parking spots, I didn't see anybody who really looked annoyed.

There was still confetti floating serenely through a blue autumn sky -- when it caught the light, it looked like stars.

It was lovely. I'll probably never see the like again.

pictures from my vantage point )Then I found shots of the rally, and overhead shots of the parade route -- yeah, I don't think that 800,000 estimate is too far off.

shots from the news )
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 Went to the Royals parade this morning before work -- it was sort of amazing, and I have some pretty good pictures, so I'll write up a proper post tomorrow.  

For now, I'm proud of my team, I'm proud of my city, and I'm a little sunburned.  :D :D
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 The Royals took the Crown!  FUCK YEAH, we won the World Series!

My city's going NUTS too, it's amazing.  I'm not even mad about the noise -- sure I work the early shift tomorrow, but how many times do you win the World Series?


Oct. 30th, 2015 11:50 pm
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 got my assignment --  I can work with this, I think!  Should be fun.  :D

I guess this means I should finish up my yuletide letter this weekend, huh.
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 All right, so I'm not like, a hard core sports fan, but I've always liked baseball.  For one thing, baseball isn't set by a time limit -- there's always a chance to catch up, provided you can make the runs.  Of course, this leads to some extremely tense, do-or-die, 15+inning games, but hey.  You get a CHANCE.  

That's why I love baseball manga, and anime series.  Teamwork!  And ambition!  and passion!  (if you're at all into that, read some of Adachi's manga -- particularly Touch or H2)

Also, the Royals are in the World Series for the second year in the row, and so far, they're doing REALLY WELL against a REALLY GOOD team!  I mean, the Mets are worthy opponents!  And we're THRASHING them!

But I shouldn't get too cocky.  Baseball is never over till it's over (RIP Yogi Berra).
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I didn't take any pictures of the eclipse, because I didn't want to take my camera out on the dock in the dark, but I took these!

rather large images under here )

I hope we get a chance to go up there again.  I had a great time.


Sep. 30th, 2015 12:25 pm
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 Do I want to write for Yuletide this year?  Hmmm.

I guess nominations are open?  So I should probably decide soon.
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 We just got back from a weekend up in Minnesota with Chad's folks -- a sort of second wedding reception, since they couldn't make it down last month.  It's about a 9 hour drive straight up I-29 from Kansas City, through some surprisingly lovely farm and ranch land.  

The in-laws have a beautiful lake home in northern Minnesota.   Everyone was welcoming and the weather was great, and I laid back on the dock over a mirror-still lake to look up at stars upon stars upon stars while the moon turned rusty red over the horizon.  Something swam by in the dark that I couldn't quite see -- I think it was a beaver.

The drive was simple and fun and fast, but 9 hours behind the wheel is, well, 9 hours  behind the wheel.  Time for bed!    I'll put up pictures later.
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I'm making an effort to make an effort to post more often -- stay connected, you know.  To that end, I thought I'd start slowly, with a meme.  :D

If you would like to play, leave a comment saying you want to do the meme, I give you an age (please tell me how old you currently are as well), and you fill out the meme questions at your own journal with what applied to you back then, and what applies to you now. "

[personal profile] naye gave me 17 

When I was 17,

I lived in: Raytown, MO, USA
It's an older suburb of Kansas City, full of ordinary houses and big yards, streets with big ditches and few sidewalks.  Lots of kids walking to parks, and hanging out at school playgrounds after hours -- there wasn't a whole lot to do around there.  I was going to a high school on the same street as my old middle school, and my old elementary school, with kids I'd been in classes with since kindergarten.  My older brother had moved out by then, but there were still three of us kids (though my sister may have been close to leaving), with my parents, three or four cats (I can't remember if the fourth one was there yet or not) and two dogs -- it was a full house, and largely cozy.

I drove:  
a Honda Civic  It was, I think, an '86 -- it was used when my dad bought it, and both my big brother and my big sister had driven it for a while.  It was a pale sky blue hatchback with hail damage on the hood, and it mostly looked like an old roller skate.  It was fun enough to drive -- cornered well, and only shook a bit when you were going more than 60 mph.  I'd only been driving for a few years, and hadn't yet gotten any speeding tickets.  I'd only been in a ditch once -- a gentle slide over snow, and a friendly neighbor who helped me shove the car back onto the road. Sometime before I turned 18 I got a new car -- a '92 Civic, still a hatchback, but this one was bright red and -- gloriously -- it was a stick shift.  My dad taught me how to drive it in empty parking lots, which was nerve racking because parents, but it finally clicked driving around my neighborhood all by myself, and from then on, I loved it.  I called that car Annabell, and put in Spider-man floormats and a Spider-man steering wheel cover.  I washed it every week, and waxed and polished it.  I took long drives around the city, just to enjoy the radio with the windows down and the way Annabell felt flying down the highways.  I adored that car.

I was in a relationship with:  nobody.  I didn't really date in high school -- there was a kid in middle school I'd "gone out" with for a few weeks.  He gave me presents, and we talked on the phone (twirling the cord and sitting against the hallway wall) but he stole my wallet out of my locker and I stopped talking to him.  When I was 17 there were a few boys I flirted with, and a few that flirted back, but I wasn't much interested in more.  I turned down a date for homecoming, and didn't go to prom.  I did have a crush on the president of the art club, but it was a quiet thing.  

I feared: not much.  I had a comfortable, secure sort of life -- good grades, amiable classmates.  I was, perhaps, afraid of being embarrassed, as most teenagers are, and I was nervous about college, which I was starting to look into.  But real fears just weren't something I had experience with.

I worked at:  Doc's Sorbet and Ice Cream Shop.  Which was a summer job, mostly -- it closed every winter.  This would have been my second season there -- the sweet spot.  They'd just given me a raise ($7.50 an hour!) and I hadn't yet gotten tired of the smell of malt powder and the bleach we used to clean the place after hours.  It was a tiny shop, that used to be a garden shed owned by a couple of chiropractors.  Often I was the only one there, and would have to lock up to go get some food at a nearby McDonald's, or to go to the restroom in the chiropractors' office.  There was a patio with ivy climbing over trellises, and twinkle lights woven over it all.  The ice cream and sorbet was delicious -- they sold a lot to hotels and restaurants in the city. 

I wanted to be: a professional photographer.  I was taking photography courses in school, and really loved the darkroom, and looking at the world through a camera lens.  I had vague ideas of starting up a portraiture studio, or taking nature shots for magazines.  I was in an Explorers program (kind of a job-placement Scout thing) with Hallmark, and once a month there'd be a class, and twice a month there'd be a field trip and we'd all use a few rolls of film, which they'd develop and then go over with us for technical and artistic advice during the class.  It was a lot of fun.

Now, I'm 32.

I live in:  Kansas City, MO, USA.  In an apartment I mostly love, in the heart of downtown.  I have a bit of a low key antagonistic thing going with a loud neighbor, but that's mostly a matter of truce right now, because the landlords have her on a three strike list and she's used up two of them.  The apartment itself is within walking distance to a lot of cool stuff -- the River Market, the grocery store, the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater, the Kaufman Performing Arts Center, the main branch of the Kansas City Library -- which is good because

I drive:  Nothing.  :(
 I lost Annabell the Civic years ago, when I fell asleep at the wheel (no one was hurt but the car). For several years I drove my mom's old Mercury Villager -- a mini van.  I never much liked it, and about nine months after I moved into this apartment I got t-boned at an intersection and lost that one too.  I mourned a lot more for Annabell.  Since then I've taken the bus, which is often a pain in the ass, but is certainly cheaper than buying a new car, and paying for insurance, gas, and downtown parking.  I still love to drive though, and do so every time I get the chance.

I am in a relationship with:  My husband Chad!  We were married just a few weeks ago, but we've been together for about two and a half years.  He's a musician, who does mostly Industrial Metal type stuff he puts together on his computer -- it's not entirely to my taste all the time, but I can see how passionate about it he is.  He also does a sort of bluesy, electronic jazz I like quite a bit. He's really skilled at it, and collaborates with other musicians across the country.  He also plays the guitar, and the drums, and the piano . . . 

We both play a lot of video games.  He likes to watch me play, and likes to play together when we can.  Its a good bonding thing. 

He's allergic to cats, which is unfortunate since I have three of them, but nevertheless, he's bonded to the furballs.  Luckily, he's gotten somewhat accustomed to them -- his allergies don't bother him as much as they used to.  :D

I fear:  falling back into debt.  I'm THIS CLOSE to paying off an ill advised loan, which will let me start paying down my credit cards and actually putting money aside for once.  I haven't had a savings account for something like 9 years.  Finances are the largest source of stress for me by far, and until I get some cushion under me they will continue to be so.  At this point, I have bad dreams about unanticipated vet bills, broken ankles, and lost jobs that would make me take out another loan, and continue the paycheck scraping tension for years to come.   I can see the corner just ahead, but I haven't turned it yet, and that scares me. 

I work at:  Half Price Books  It's a used book store that started out of Dallas, and is now a Privately Owned chain across the country.  I really like it -- I like the philosophy behind it, I like that it's environmentally conscious -- we recycle a LOT, and take pains to make green choices -- I love that there are no shareholders to appease, which means I like the way they treat employees, and I love the job itself.  I work at one of the larger, more eclectic locations, since it's near an art district and a couple of universities.  It makes for some interesting buys, and interesting clientele.  Pretty much all the employees here are tattooed liberal musicians/artists, which is awesome.

I want to be:  a bookstore owner.  I want to own a tiny used bookstore that specializes in science fiction, and that has a room set aside for table top games and nerd themed beers.  A little bookstore/gameshop/bar sort of thing.  One day maybe.  It could happen!

It's fun, sometimes, to see what's the same, what's different, what you've almost forgotten and what feels like yesterday.  And to think of what might be totally different in a year's time.  In five years.  In six months.  


Sep. 9th, 2015 09:55 pm
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We got married in the Platte County Courthouse, with our parents standing by. The judge gave a lovely little speech -- quite a bit nicer than the utilitarian setting required.

The day after, we held a reception at a shelter in Wyandotte County Lake Park -- the weather was lovely, and the moon was full. We went dressed in t-shirts and jeans and had a grand time.

For the next few days we went camping down in the Ozarks, on land his step father owns. We went swimming in the Lake of the Ozarks National Park -- the little beach was surrounded by wooded hills, and we were the only ones in the water.

Then we came home, to spend most of a week doing the tourist thing in our own home, enjoying the sensation of calling each other "husband" and "wife". I died my hair. We spent hours strolling around the zoo in the sun and the heat. We went to the Toy and Miniature Museum, and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. We spent more hours walking around Worlds of Fun, in even more heat, riding every roller coaster and enjoying the new Dinosaur Walk. I went for my first ride on a ferris wheel, and after the sun went down, and there were bats wheeling around over my head.

I took lots of pictures.

We got married.
pictures under the cut )
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 I'm getting married in just over two days!  Woooooo!  :D :D :D
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 Weddings are weird, yo, even when you're tossing traditions out the window.  We've scrapped the venue plan we had before, due to some unexpected expenses, and plans have gone through several permutations -- I wouldn't say I was stressing out, because honestly we were always willing to fall back to just the courthouse marriage and forget about the reception.  Your basic elopement.  But it was a LITTLE stressful.   I like parties!  I wanted one!

But it's sorted now.

We're still doing the courthouse marriage -- 11 in the morning on the 28th, just the parents in attendance.  Then we'll have a family dinner somewhere -- maybe one of the 4 teppanyaki places in the city, maybe a little Italian joint the future MIL knows.  There's a Japanese restaurant I want to see about (I'm not sure they can do a semi private largish group thing).  I honestly don't care much where we eat, so long as the family can be there and I can wear my dress without feeling silly.  

Boy (his name is Chad) is planning on getting a three piece suit.  He'll look smashing.  :D
Then the next day we'll have the reception for friends (and family if they want) -- we've reserved a park shelter at a nearish lake.  There's outside grills, and fireplace grills inside the shelter, so we'll do brats and throw some potatoes and veggies wrapped in foil on the coals.  There should be a few vegetarians/vegans there, so I'll get some vegan sausages too -- there's some pretty good ones out there.  The park is on the Kansas side, so they allow alchohol (a big reason we picked it), so we may get a keg, and we'll encourage our friends to bring their own options.  I've ordered some paper lanterns to hang about, and will probably line the tables with votive candles in mason jars or something.

I'm excited!  The park is lovely, and it should be a fun, lowkey sort of thing.  Just what I wanted to start with!  (also, the shelter reservations was MUCH MUCH cheaper than the money we were going to spend on the venue).

The wedding website has been updated, with pictures of the shelter and all.  Again, if ANY of you happen to find yourself in the area on the 29th of this month, please feel free to stop by and have a drink, have a sausage, have a dance!  <3 <3 <3

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