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 It appears my cat Zoro may have gotten into something that disagreed with him -- he's been vomiting  a lot for the last couple days (I mean, he's always been a little pukey, but this is excessive), and there might have been blood in the litter box, though it was hard to tell.  He doesn't seem lethargic, really, or fevered, he's currently sitting on my lap and intently watching a fat little bird in a tree outside, tail twitching hard as usual.  

I'm not worried about a bad batch of cat food or anything -- Sanji seems fine.  And the only plant within chewing reach doesn't look messed with.  But I'm getting concerned --  I know I should take him to a vet to be sure but I just . . . can't afford it.  I don't get paid for a week and a half, and if he's actually sick, that's probably too long to wait.  

I sent an email to my vet asking about possible payment plan options, but . . . it's stressing me out.  

I know, also, that I'm seeing worst case scenarios here because of what happened with Pico.  I know that.  It's still stressing me out.  :(
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