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I still haven't really had time to sit down and load some pictures (or to take a whole lot, actually) but I did get a few!

Most of the differences I've felt come from, I think, the flora - there are various kinds of evergreens EVERYWHERE. And moss. Lots and lots of moss. I love it -- everything looks so green. Also, I've only seen a handful of pigeons, and a couple of chickadees. Mostly, there are crows, and three or four different kinds of seagulls. (Chad is not fond of birds -- they kind of freak him out -- but I LOVE them. And I really like the sound sea gulls make.) ALSO I can see mountains! Not from my apartment, and not on cloudy days, of which there are many. But they're there! It's all still very novel and amazing. :D

The other day (last week? sometime a bit ago) we went to Mukilteo for some fish and chips. It's gorgeous! And nearby! I want to go back all the time. :D Basically, that's where the ferry to Whidbey Island is. Very coastal, very . . . fishing town-esque. This day, it was super foggy, and the ferries (coming and going) were blowing their horns at each other. I love the sound of fog horns.

There were a bunch of crows and seagulls and gannets? Maybe gannets. Some sort of black, long necked water birds . . .

Also, the fish was SO GOOD. SO good.

Here is Pico, enjoying the new windows (which have screens!  I can leave them open~!  :D

 photo PICT0114_zpsr27xdsz2.jpg

 photo PICT0115_zpscgybwcuz.jpg

Moss on the rocks by the lake at the back of our apartment complex.  I like moss.  It's pretty great.

 photo PICT0126_zpswobc6h6j.jpg

Goose!  And ducks.  There are at least three different kinds of ducks on this lake, including these mallards, but I couldn't get a good look at the others.

 photo PICT0144_zpsssorkoml.jpg

I'm not sure what kind of evergreens these are.  They're great, though, I love them.

 photo PICT0147_zpslp2vhirn.jpg

More moss.

 photo PICT0153_zpspigqxmep.jpg

This tree is right outside our window.  When it rains (which of course it does all the time) the mosses and things just POP

 photo PICT0157_zpsn0c3nzhc.jpg

Mountains on the way to work

 photo PICT0166_zpsmoqtoaz8.jpg

Mukilteo seagull!  My camera lens needs cleaning . . .

 photo PICT0183_zpsfwxj42br.jpg

Ferry, disappearing into fog

 photo PICT0186_zps7nfp49cy.jpg

The only pigeons I've seen so far!

 photo PICT0191_zpsswawohws.jpg

Chad, looking lovely.  :D

 photo PICT0197_zpsn7wbrsg0.jpg

Sassy crow

 photo PICT0199_zpsus8rtuvc.jpg

I don't know what sort of ducks these are?  They're awesome.

 photo PICT0201_zpscg91gi2m.jpg

Are these gannets?  Some other sea bird?  I need to do so much research!

 photo PICT0204_zps5pw1oc8m.jpg

Seagull on pylons

 photo PICT0214_zpsabsuxa7j.jpg

Mt Baker!  I think

 photo PICT0223_zpshdkshquv.jpg

More Mukilteo beach

 photo PICT0231_zpshpqblgl1.jpg

More mountains on the way to work. Also, Vancouver is close enough to be on the highway signs!  I need to get a passport.  That highway sign, actually, is what makes this all feel very far from the Mid West isolation I've always been in the middle of.  That's what makes this place feel VAST.  There's another country JUST. OVER. THERE.  We can pick up BC radio stations!  ( I know, for most of you who might see this journal, crossing borders is routine.  But I've spent my entire life in the American Midwest, which is huge and often boring and nowhere near any other country at all, so this is still sort of thrilling).

 photo PICT0237_zpsrivatoaj.jpg

Anyway, photo dump over for now.  At some point I'll load up some that are filtered and cleaned up a bit, because this place is really very lovely, and deserves to be shown off a bit.  But for now, these unedited (dirty lensed) shots are what I've got!


I'm mostly off work on Fridays and Saturdays -- and I think i could get at least some time off during the rest of the week with some advanced notice.  So if you want to meet up any day that's not a Friday/Saturday let me know as soon as you can!  :D


Date: 2016-02-16 02:02 pm (UTC)
turps: (Default)
From: [personal profile] turps
Oh my goodness. What a beautiful place!

I love all your photos but the sassy crow made me laugh a lot. Its stance!

Date: 2016-02-16 10:01 pm (UTC)
naye: the sky and mountains above lake geneva (mountain dawn)
From: [personal profile] naye
Ooooh, this is gorgeous!! The mountains! The moss! The sea! The birds! I want to go to where the ferry disappears into the mist~. The shot with the seagull on the pylons is an amazing one, but I love all of them!

YES will be there soon and will want to hang out! Will run some scheduling by Xparrot, but if you don't have any other plans on Friday March 18th, that might be a good day? We're arriving in town on the 17th, and the 18th is our only Seattle Friday.

Date: 2016-02-18 07:51 pm (UTC)
turlough: otter with camera ((other) photography)
From: [personal profile] turlough
Everett looks like a lovely place! You have both mountains and ocean, wonderful!

I know window screens are supposed to be for keeping insects out but I always think of them as being for keeping cats in :-)

So many beautiful photos. I particularly love the one with the ferry and the one with seagulls on pylons.

The sassy crow is awesome.

I think those white and black birds are male Barrow's Goldeneye. Common Goldeneyes have more white on the back.

No, gannets are white. I think those may be cormorants of some sort.

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